Welcome to my studio

An American living in Canada! I grew up in Pennsylvania. In my adult life spent 10 years full time living in Maine, raising my sons. Followed by summers in Maine and winters in Florida before moving to Calgary, Alberta in 2019 when I married my Canadian husband. I still make sure I spend as much time as possible in Maine every summer as it still feels like home. I find inspiration in shapes and patterns in the sky peeking through the trees, light bouncing off the water and distant landscapes while hiking. Close to home my garden, home and kitchen are places my creativity extends. I used to think painting and creativity only happened on canvas, now I realize, it's all creativity.

When I am painting, I give myself full permission to be expressive in any way I feel will give me joy, and maybe that's pushing the boundaries of what and how I've always painted, maybe I am making marks and love notes with pencils and cryons or using collage, or using a finishing trowel to pull the paint across the surface. I have been known formy rich colors. I am beginning to break the rules with a sometimes more subdued palette. My focus right now is to understand why I paint what I paint. Mostly I'm drawn to landscape, very specific landscaped of a place I lived. I realize I have a deep connection to this place. The connection I feel with this landscape is because this is the place I ame home to me. The feelings of place are deeply rooted in me, in my heart, home. Landscape as Home.

I studied at Moore College of Art In Philadelphia.  

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